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"Draw a picture of yourself"

The last of the BBQ sauce. The custodian got to the rest before me. It was everywhere.

Back to school night

I had one very angry mom who wanted to know why after nine whole days of first grade her son couldn’t read English fluently.
Now I know why that kid always seems so anxious and stressed out. Poor dear.


3 Common Myths About Teaching


3 Common Myths About Teaching

Sep 8

One of the best, top teachers at my school came into my class today and gave me tons of complements! I’m trying to not let it go to my head. :D

Sep 5

I spent ten minutes today chasing down, catching, and then releasing a bug (out the window) while my first graders ran in circles freaking out.

Sep 4

First day success!

Kids were great. No real problems. I’m tired as hell.

Sep 1
Ready for tomorrow!

Ready for tomorrow!

Experts Say Many Teachers Paying Out Of Pocket For School Supplies - CBS New York




My friends can’t wrap their minds around the money I spend for my job.

Breaking news:  Sky is blue.  Cats meow.  Pope Catholic.

Head Start teachers in my county got $100 bucks for the year to spend on classroom supplies. That’s not even what I spend on tissues in a year.

What about construction paper?  Paint? Glue? Crayons? Markers?  All that stuff they say I have to have?

We get a whole $77 dollars this year. I’ve already spent over $400 and the school year hasn’t even started yet. It also blows my mind that people don’t realize how many unpaid hours we have to put in as well. I “volunteer” worked all this week to get things ready for my students so that the year starts off smoothly for them. 

(Source: from-student-to-teacher)

Classroom coming together!