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Aliens for the display case

Classroom Supplies GET!

I unexpectedly got to go shopping for classroom supplies today! Everything was on sale too. YAY! Got some super cute Dr. Seuss vocabulary posters, a new calendar,  welcome week craft project, and supplies to finish the main hall display case! Turned out to be more productive a trip than I had imagined. :)

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Dear Tumblrverse,

Before the explanation part of this post, I need to say this so it will be in posts that are shortened by a reblog: More than anything I ask that you reblog this post so that kind millionaires  more people will see it and more support can be given.   All the Amazon wishlists and blogs are linked below the read more link!

As the new school year approaches, we are obviously in denial teachers are mentally figuring out what materials we need for the school year, what will be provided by the school or families, and what we will buy with our own money as we shop sales (if it is in our budget).  Several members of our #education community on tumblr dealt with unexpected family deaths, weather disasters, or more happy (but expensive) life achievements like getting married or having a baby.  Our pockets have been hit hard, and I think you’d be surprised how much of our own money we spend on classrooms each year.

Many of us teach in areas where our students’ families cannot help with school supplies.  In fact, as I began working on this project, every teacher I contacted to include that came from a more affluent community declined being included so that classrooms in greater need could be helped.  I am in awe of the teachers in this community.  After the jump is a list of teachers and their classroom wish lists for the upcoming year.  If you are able to, please consider supporting a teacher via their wishlist.  If you’d rather make a donation to their supply fund or send a gift card, I’m sure you could contact them and they wouldn’t turn you down.   

So after the jump are the blogs and corresponding wishlists from Tumblr’s teachers — most of the educators on this list I have personally interacted with and know them to be dedicated to their students.

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Trying to not buy stuff for my classroom before my move in August. I need to not add to the number of boxes I have! (But I saw some really cute stuff today so mental note which stores to go back to.)

I never realised before entering the teaching profession that it is a full-time – and by full time, I mean an every-waking-hour – job. Even during sleep, I dream about school and staff and pupils. There is simply no escape.


Secret Teacher: I can’t take the stress, but I don’t want to be a dropout statistic

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Summer vacation!
At laaaaasssssssttt
I am frrrreeeeeeeeeeweeeeeee




I’m a bit jealous of teachers who can go work in their classrooms over the summer. We always get our keys taken away and aren’t allowed back until late August. There is so much I’d like to do, just a bit at a time, instead of all in a rush the two weeks before school starts!

Ugh same here! I would feel so much more prepared if I had access to my classroom over the summer..

Same, we only get the week before to go in and set up stuff. 

Ewwww I’m so done with one of my coworkers. Don’t tell me you are going to get something done “this week” and then say you are doing it Friday when Thursday is the last day of work!! Stop being LAZY and come get your shit done. It’s the last few days of the school year and I don’t need this.