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Sep 1
Ready for tomorrow!

Ready for tomorrow!

Experts Say Many Teachers Paying Out Of Pocket For School Supplies - CBS New York




My friends can’t wrap their minds around the money I spend for my job.

Breaking news:  Sky is blue.  Cats meow.  Pope Catholic.

Head Start teachers in my county got $100 bucks for the year to spend on classroom supplies. That’s not even what I spend on tissues in a year.

What about construction paper?  Paint? Glue? Crayons? Markers?  All that stuff they say I have to have?

We get a whole $77 dollars this year. I’ve already spent over $400 and the school year hasn’t even started yet. It also blows my mind that people don’t realize how many unpaid hours we have to put in as well. I “volunteer” worked all this week to get things ready for my students so that the year starts off smoothly for them. 

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Classroom coming together!

On phone with former classroom owner

  • Her: How's it going?
  • Me: Could be better.
  • Her: Did you get all the stuff I left you?
  • Me: Which stuff? You left a lot of things. There's a ton of stuff you might need.
  • Her: In the closet!
  • Me: The one you locked with a deadbolt?
  • Her: Yeah!
  • Me: Well, it's locked. With a deadbolt. So no.

First day back

I cleaned and moved a ton of furniture today. But my classroom still looks a mess. Random lady next to me at Starbucks now talking to me about how I’m a “glorified babysitter” based off the fact I teach first grade in the Bronx. *sigh* And so it has begun.

Can you guess my classroom theme this year??

37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

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No matter their attitude for the rest of the year, every student comes to school on the first day ready to make a good impression on their teacher.

It’s the teacher’s job to make them want to feel like that effort is not only not wasted, but that what they’ll be doing together is worthwhile of everyone’s time and energy.

- My mom (badly paraphrased by me), a 40 year veteran teacher (via unabridged-tomes)

Good advice

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Aug 7

10 Things Teachers Should Never Do When Teaching Native Kids

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Aug 5

I assume you avoid teachers' lounge gossip.







Also the teachers’ lounge. 

I was warned by several of my teacher professors of this pitfall.

Stay. Out. Of. The. Lounge.

My school doesn’t have a centralized lounge, per say.  But I have a hidey hole where I’ve eaten lunch with 3 buddies, and I love it.

I think the decision of lounge vs. no lounge depends heavily on the individual school and the teachers within it.  There is no better way to get a feel for the overall personality of a school than to go to the teacher’s lounge.

Of course if the majority of teachers in your school or in the lounge are toxic, negative presences, you’ll want to avoid it, but laying that out as a flat general rule makes me sad.  I always tell incoming teachers to at least give it a try; it’s more or less the only time in your day you are surrounded by adults and no students, and it can be a place to vent and collaborate with teachers about certain students and how they handle them.  As a teacher new to the school, you meet colleagues you wouldn’t really have the chance to otherwise, and getting to know them makes your overall school environment more positive.

Fair enough. 

I eat in my room 97.5% of the time for all kinds of reasons: 

  • I probably have something to prep, copy, pull out of my hat
  • Some kid on a different schedule shows up with a test or to get help
  • I need 25 minutes  to not talk to people, or to talk to people who do not call me Ms. P
  • 25 minutes to rush down the hall, eat, and rush back in the middle of a class is not relaxing
  • Mostly, though, I’ve probably got something to do or think through
  • But also: teachers are cliquey as hell

That last one was one of the reasons I *hated* the lounge. (And one of the things that made me want to leave that school.)

I avoid our lounge because there are only ever three conversations going: “negativity gossip”, “saving money on things I don’t buy nor want”, and “why you should convert to Christianity you heathen.” NOPE